SUMMARY of the DRAFT to AMEND S.9 of the OLP CONSTITUTION (May 8, 2019)

  1. The proposed voting process follows the model adopted by the Federal Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) and used in the last federal leadership race.
  2. Please note that LPC’s decisions on “supporter class” and membership fees or no memberships is not part of this process. These are separate issues covered by different sections of the Constitution and are not part of the proposed OLP amendment, nor of the weighted one member one vote campaign (1=1).
  3. Ex officios do not lose anything. Instead, the rest of the membership would gain the ability to vote for leader that ex officios now have. All OLP members in good standing cast a ranked ballot for the leader in their home riding. Membership cut-off is 41 days before leadership election day.
  4. Each PLA is weighted equally with 100 points towards leadership candidates. Each candidate in each riding is assigned points corresponding to the percentage of votes each received.
  5. The incentive to sign–up members is the same as it now exists with delegated conventions and with nominations. Candidates desire to increase their percentage of the vote in a riding, therefore new members that vote for them increase their awarded points in that riding.
  6. As with what happened federally, the expectation is there will be more interest in signing-up for a membership because of the opportunity to vote for a leader directly as opposed to the lower enthusiasm associated with voting for an unknown proxy voter (delegate).
  7. The ballot remains a ranked ballot with the same procedures for counting that now exist at a delegated convention, nominations, etc.
  8. The first candidate to receive 50% +1 of the weighted points wins the leadership.
  9. The draft amendment explicitly states the OLP executive may decide on methods of voting that include any combination of, but not limited to: paper ballot, telephone, online, etc.
  10. Nothing in the section prevents the OLP executive from setting additional nomination criteria for candidates as it sees fit.
  11. Nothing prevents the OLP from holding a convention to showcase the count and announce the winner.
  12. If an OLP leader fails to secure the premiership, an automatic leadership review convention is triggered with the votes being conducted by weighted one member one vote (W1M1V) in the same manner of the leadership election described above.