About 1 = 1 Campaign

How One Member One Vote Works

It’s time to take back control of your voice. At the June AGM, let’s adopt a constitutional amendment for Weighted One Member One Vote. Here’s how it works:

Every OLP Member casts a ballot online

You rank your ballot in order of preference. (e.g. 1, 2, 3)

Ballots are tallied by riding

Each riding gets 100 points to assign by the percentage of votes

Like the ranked ballots we use for internal elections, if one candidate doesn’t get 50% of first choice in a riding, then:

    • the last place candidate is dropped
    • Those points are then reassigned to to the second choices on those ballots
    • This continued until each riding has a candidate with over 50% of the vote

We grow the membership by offering the chance to select the new leader – and potential future Premier

The Current Delegated System

Rank-and-file members only know how their elected delegates will vote on the first ballot. After the first ballot, Delegates:

  • Delegates don’t contact their riding after the first vote.
  • Aren’t bound to represent the will of their constituencies
  • Are lobbied, entertained, made promises, and wined-and-dined for their votes

Less than 5% of the Membership voted for Leader at the last convention

Many regions can’t afford to send their allocated Delegates

Many feel the Party is elitist and out of touch with voters

It’s not fair to ask Members who donate and volunteer their time to not be allowed to choose their new Leader

Our members feel disempowered when we need them to rebuild. At the 2013 convention about 2,000 out of 44,000 OLP members got the chance to vote on the final ballot for Leader. That’s less than 5%. In no other political party in Ontario do less than 5% of the Members overrule the other 95%. Even the Federal Liberals switched to One Member, One Vote a decade ago.

We believe the power of choice belongs with the Members, because Members matter, not Party insiders in smoke-filled rooms. Like so many of our members are saying, “How is this still a thing?” One Member, One Vote is a no-brainer.